Roof Maxx is a safe, easy, proven and affordable alternative to a complicated, expensive and life-disrupting asphalt roof replacement. 

Connect With A Locally-Owned Roof Maxx Contractor To Get A FREE Assessment & Estimate, Good For One Year.

When you restore a roof with Roof Maxx, you help find a forever home for a child waiting in foster care.

Proud Partners With The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption.

Roof Maxx Protects Your Entire Home

From roof to foundation, the damage caused by an old leaky roof can be devastating for your home. With Roof Maxx, you get new roof protection without the high cost and hassles of a life-disrupting replacement.

Roof Replacement Is A Messy Expensive Hassle


Failing Roofs Five Years Ago Still Going Strong After Treatment With Roof Maxx

Johnathan Casilli, the head of construction management for Skylight Real Estate Partners, faced a considerable challenge. Twenty apartment buildings with 30-year-old asphalt roofs were failing, but he had a limited budget. Then a roofer told him about Roof Maxx.


I was skeptical at first with the condition of the roofs, because shingles were blowing off in high winds. Five years later, after the application, the roofs look great with no issues."

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Roof Maxx Protects Your Entire Home

With our five-year, transferable warranty, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that your roof and entire home are protected.